laravel 5.5 sentry boilerplate

Sentinel is a complete refactor of our popular Sentry authentication & authorization library. Everything you admired plus a whole lot more.

Users & Roles Management.
Driver based permission system.
Flexible activation scenarios.
Reminders (password reset).
Inter-account throttling with DDoS protection.
Custom hashing strategies.
Multiple sessions.
Multiple login columns.
Integration with Laravel.
Allow use of multiple ORM implementations.
Native facade for easy usage outside Laravel.
Interface driven (your own implementations at will).

source code:


Postgres DB Size Command

You can get the names of all the databases that you can connect to from the “pg_datbase” system table. Just apply the sql as below.

select pg.datname AS db_name, pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size(pg.datname)) as db_size
from pg_database pg
order by pg_database_size(pg.datname) desc;

If you intend the output to be consumed by a machine instead of a human, you can remove the pg_size_pretty() function.